Visitor Sign-in

Welcome to BIG! We are excited to welcome you into our office and share BIG’s creative process and projects with you. We kindly request that you obtain our prior consent before taking any photographs or recordings, including sharing and uploading such material to any social media site/the Internet.

During your visit you may be on-camera in a designated area of the office which is being live-streamed between BIG’s offices in Copenhagen, Barcelona, London and New York. If you are in the designated area, your appearance on-camera will be done under your consent by this form. If you do not wish to appear on camera, please advise your host to avoid entry in the designated area.

By submitting below you represent that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and are fully competent to sign this release; or you certify with your signature that you are the parent or guardian of the below named child and consent to these terms of this release on behalf of the child.